Custom sound, with design in mind.

We have since branched out and started incorporating great sound into gorgeous pieces of BC wood.


noun. (pl); portmanteaus, portmanteaux

Chiefly British.
1. (formerly)
A large traveling bag or suitcase made of stiff leather,
especially one hinged at the back so as to open out into two

Jeff ‘Heffe’ McConnell

Co-Owner. Lead Fabricator.
Always the life of the party, Heffe started out working the 9-5 for over ten years. Having worked with his hands on numerous creative projects as a hobby, Heffe has decided to put his money where his mouth is, and dive into Portmanteau Stereo Co. on a full time basis, and live the dream. His energy and talent for his craft is infectious, and shows through in every Portmanteau off the production line.

Jay DeMerit

Owner. Lead Designer.

Jay is widely known for his work on the soccer field, having played professional soccer for over 10 years for Watford FC in England, the US Mens National Team through the World Cup in 2010, and recently retired as the captain of the Vancouver Whitecaps FC, of Major League Soccer.

What a lot of people don’t know is that Jay has a degree in Product Design from the University of Illinois-Chicago. Always interested in art and design, Jay has developed Portmanteau Stereo Co. as his first creative project. He is an owner in Songwhale, a technology company based in Pittsburgh, PA. He also plans to create the Rise and Shine Retreat in Pemberton, BC. with his wife, Olympic Gold Medallist, Ashleigh McIvor DeMerit in the near future. The retreat will promote wellness, hold camp-out soccer camps, and provide a facility for corporate retreats and weddings.

Get to know Heffe, Jay & their Portmanteau Stereo Co. Below

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