From Logs to Speakers

Rockit logs are made from repurposed wood collected from dead trees and abandoned lumber yards. One common tree we look for are standing deads – dead trees that are still standing. Standing deads are ideal because of two reasons: first, because they are protected from moisture and rot, and second we don’t have to kill any trees.

The type of lumber used ranges from western red cedars and fir to hemlock – the same material used in making instrument. These materials make both a great acoustics and a beautiful aesthetic.

Each of our rockit logs are hand crafted, meaning no two are alike. But before sculpting, moisture levels in the wood are checked. If too high, the wood may crack. Once we know it’s healthy, the fun part can start – designing the speaker.  

Rockit Log Specs

Although every rockit log is different, they are all roughly the same size. We aim for logs that are 12 inches in diameter and cut at a width of 4 ½ inches. Because of their size, they are very portable. Just grab and go.

Rockit logs are packed with high-tech sound effects. While the average speaker will pump out 1-4 watts, the rockit log does 60 watts! Along with this, it has a 10 hour lithium battery that use a USB port for charging. Simply pair your phone to the Bluetooth system or AUX cord and you’re ready to jam.

The Man behind the Design

Jay DeMerit, owner of Portmantua Stereo Co. is the brains behind this classic design. Besides making speakers, DeMerit has worn many hats including industrial designer, pro soccer player and entrepreneur.

His story is truly unique. First, getting rejected by American major league soccer, DeMerit moved to Europe to rekindle his dream. He took up English soccer and hustled his way from 12th tier to captain of the Watford FC in the English Premier league!

Since then he has played for the US in the 2010 world cup in South Africa – playing the entire game game! DeMerit retiered in 2014 as captain of the Vancouver Whitecaps and started his own company and philanthropy.

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