Portmanteau wants your party crew to create a scene and rock on this summer, we will give you one Rockit Log or one Suitcase Stereo to bring to all of your parties, tailgates, sporting events and camping trips from July 1st – 31st.

We will give you a coupon code to hand out to interested customers and if your crew sells five or more stereos using your coupon code, from July 1st – 31st, you get to keep one of your stereos for your party crew to rock on all year long!

Portmanteau would love to hear and see your crew out and about this summer, so be sure to take lots of pictures and videos of your crew with your Portmanteau Stereo, to be featured on our Facebook and Instagram Pages; tag us @portmanteaustereo | #portmanteaustereo

Liability form must be signed by the winner of your group and credit card number will be taken for lost/damage/stolen protection.


** must enter via Facebook