Portmanteau Home

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Portmanteau Home takes the function of home furnishings to a whole new level.
Your home certainly needs a functional coffee table, a piece of wall art, or a bar to serve drinks…  Now imagine if they served those purposes, while also playing music at a dinner party, wirelessly rocking tunes in the middle of your room while the kids danced around it, or set the mood above your fireplace.

We always try to combine form and function to bring more than just an original design to your home,
we want to bring the noise as well — with the addition of high end audio.

Our custom stereos come in a standard size of 48×24.
You can also add your own flavour to your interiors by changing the stain on the wood grain or textures and colors to the laminate of our speaker boxes.  We want to create a product that is as unique to your world as you are.

Please inquire about custom pieces.
Prices range from $3k – $5k



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Portmanteau Home

Each Portmanteau is made custom - and just for you. Here are some examples of Portmanteaus of the past...